Top 4 Tips To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Building a website is one thing. Getting visitors to it is the next biggest step. We asked our marketing team their top tips for bringing traffic to a new website and they gave us their top 4.

1 — Engaging Content

The key to getting more visitors is by creating content they want to read, watch, or listen to. Without engaging content, people will not visit your website. However, with solid, creative and engaging content, not only do you attract website visitors, you also increase the likelihood of repeat visitors, which means all of your future content will only increase the amount of traffic your website gets.

2 — Search Engine Optimization

People have to find you if you want them to visit your website. Search Engine Optimization, also known by its very popular acronym: SEO, is one of the most beneficial tools to getting your content out there and indexed by search engines and other tools and websites that crawl the web and index data. There’s a lot to learn about SEO, such as keywords, meta descriptions, language tags and way more, however, the pay off can be extremely positive because it’s organic reach, which is very sustainable.

3 — Social Media

A budget-friendly way of getting new traffic to your website is by getting out there and talking to people. Find the Facebook groups that match your website’s topics, look for hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, and research threads on Reddit. There is always at least one group full of interested people you can reach out to. This outreach doesn’t cost you a penny, and lets you go directly to people.

4 — Paid Ads

The last, and most expensive option, is by paying ad networks to display your website to a lot of potential visitors. Ad networks have by far the largest reach out of any of these options, and they are also by far, the most expensive. Depending on your goal, paid ads are a very quick way to gain a lot of website visitors.

We hope this very quick list of tips helps you narrow your choice and figure out the best way forward to gain a lot of visitors for your website! It’s a snowball effect, however well worth the effort.

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