The Top 5 Tips To Make Your Ecommerce Site Successful

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3 min readMay 11, 2021


Building an Ecommerce website takes a lot of work. Getting it to convert your visitors into customers is a whole other challenge.

In today’s post, we asked our frontend development and user experience teams what they’ve learned over the years, and what they believe helps elevate a good Ecommerce website, to become a great Ecommerce website.

1.Solve a problem or need

When it comes to getting customers from your website, you should clearly indicate what problem or need you are solving for them. If it’s a product, why do they need your product? If it’s a service, what are you solving for them?

This becomes an important factor, because it will influence how you position and present what you want to sell to your customer. The bigger the problem you solve for your customers, the better and more prominent the placement of the solutions should be on your website.

2. Make it easy to buy from you

One of the biggest problems our team has found when it comes to order forms, is how complicated they’ve become, instead of simple and elegant. When a customer decides to buy from you, it needs to be easy, no friction and no hassles.

Tons of order forms ask information that is no longer necessary in today’s connected world. Most order forms still take 3 to 5 clicks before a customer is even able to pay you. Make these steps as short as possible. Once a customer has decided they want to pay you, don’t make it hard for them to do so.

3.Give a clear call-to-action

The easiest mistake to make is assuming your customer knows what to click on and where to click on it. The best designed online stores all have extremely clear call to actions, and buy now buttons.

When you design the user flow for your customer, you have to take into account that not everyone will have the same experience, or eye for detail. The wide range of customer experiences means there are some customers who will be able to figure out even the most subtle “add to cart” link you could possibly think of, and there will be others who need to be shown in very clear fashion, that yes, this is the button you press if you want this product.

4.Have clear and concise information

Your website is your store. In person, you can easily see the large brands that focus heavily on the customer experience from outside the store, and even more so once inside. Your Ecommerce store’s website needs to do the same thing.

Every product or service should give the customer a pretty good idea of what problem they solve within the first few seconds of browsing it. If you don’t catch their attention and focus early enough, they will not read the rest of the content you’ve put up. It’s been shown that most humans will read about 3 lines of text before deciding whether it’s worth their attention or not. That’s what you have to work with.

5.Be responsive

If you’re an online seller of goods and services, that means you’re likely to be selling to people in multiple time zones. If someone has a question, be ready to answer it within minutes. No one wants to wait hours (or days!) for information.

Have a quick and easy way for customers to reach out to you in case they need to.

We hope these quick tips help you design and build an Ecommerce store that converts website visitors into customers!

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